Common Questions & Answers!

I want to trade, how does it work?
I have all my duplicates in three different lists.
When you have found figures you would like to have you have to decide between three options:

1. Trading them for figures I would like to have.
2. Buying them from me.
3. Or trading as many as you can and buying the rest.

Compare your duplicates with my lists of figures I am missing. Send me an email with a list of what you would like and what you have to offer in return.

Can you send parcels to other parts than Europe?
Yes, I have traded with people and sent parcels all over the world. North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, no problem!

How do I pay?
There are many ways to do money transactions, but through my many years of trading I have come to use only one: Paypal.
It is safe, easy and fast. If you do not have it or don't want to use it, then we can only do trades, no buying or selling.

What does a figure cost?
There is no set price for figures, as they wary in both condition and age but also rareity.
I often set a figure costs between 0,5-3, but for older or rarer figures the cost can be alot more. If you buy more, I will probably give you a discount aswell.

Who pays for the cost of sending a parcel?
Option 1, we trade. If we trade figures straight off, then I pay for the package I send and you pay for the package you send. No money changes hands.

Option 2, You buy figures. If you are buying figures from me and no figures are traded, then you will include money for shipment in your payment.

Option 3, We trade + you buy. Same as option 1, we each pay for the parcel that we send, no money for shipment is paid.

I have figures for sale, would you be interested?
I usually only do trades for figures as this hobby costs alot anyway. But if the figures are in my wanted lists and I can get a good deal, I have been known to buy figures aswell.
If you have figures I am missing and would like to sell them, make me a list and send an email.
If I agree to buying figures I will of course pay for the figures and for the shipment cost.

I am selling my entire collection, would you be interested?
No, I don't buy entire collections. I have at least a thousand duplicate figures for trade or sale and that is quite enough. I am willing to buy kinder figures but only if it is something I am missing in my personal collection.

I have this figure I can't identify, can you help me?
Yes of course I will, send me a picture or detailed description of your figure and I will tell you all about it. This goes for any kinder figure, even those that are not in my personal collection.

I am building my own kinder website, can I use your figure pictures on my site?
Sorry but no, photographing our collection is a work that has been on going for more than seven years and contains about 10.000 images. It is to much work to just give away for a link or a mention on someone elses site.

How do you stay updated on kinder figures, is there a book I can buy?
I recommend all collectors to try to buy a catolouge, it is an amazing help when collecting.
The book we use most is called "Katalog Spielzeug aus dem ei 2011/2012" and is given out by "Fantasia Verlag" in germany.
The book is in german, but that goes for all good literature on kinder surprise collecting.
I have bought the book several times, as a new one comes out once a year. I buy it from the german ebay site or at The book costs about 15 + shipping.